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home, garden and yard art created from recycled materials


Although I was born a doorstep away from Washington, from my second year of life this beautiful state has been my home.  From my humble beginnings in recycled art as a child making and selling papier mache maracas door-to-door, my approach to materials has remained constant.  The desire to reduce/reuse/recycle in the folk art tradition is the driving force behind my work.  The growing awareness and appreciation of the green aspect of recycled art has brought me great satisfaction, and has opened my work to an ever-widening and conscientious audience.


The enormous assortment of tins, treasures and trinkets lining my studio serve as a diving board, and invite me to jump in and create.  The elements themselves often suggest a direction for a piece, and I begin to give form to that vision with tin snips, wire, and quite often recycled materials I've cast off from previous work.  Friends also provide me with a steady supply of materials such as bottle caps, tins, and fascinating second-hand finds.  The greatest satisfaction to me is to begin with materials considered of little or no value, and to create from those a work of art which can be appreciated by all.


I've been pleased to be represented by numerous galleries here in the Northwest as well as across the country. I've also participated in many regional markets and festivals, including The Best of the Northwest, The Northwest Flower and Garden Show and Sorticulture Garden Art Festival.


I have two amazing sons who were born and raised in Washington, and who continue to serve as inspiration to me as well.












"Are you ready for fun?"



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